What We Do

London is many things. It’s busy for one, with workers and tourists jostling for position on the Capital’s busy streets and overloaded transport system. The tourist trails, however, are well trodden. This isn’t a blog about Big Ben, Buck House and Nelson’s column (though we love them too). We wanted to dig a bit deeper and head off the overly beaten track a little.

Having lived in and around London for years, we moved to London Bridge in February 2012, putting us right in the centre of all that London has to offer. With so much unheralded history surrounding us, and great food, sport and art on our doorstep, we wanted to make the most of our time by the river.

And so we set up I Live By The River – a place where we can record what we find as we scratch beneath London’s surface. We are searching out unusual, hidden or secret places in the greatest city on Earth and telling you about them. We also review bars, restaurants, gigs and exhibitions so you can decide for yourself whether you should go too.

“‘Cos London is drownin’ and I Live By The River” – The Clash, London Calling (1979)

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3 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. Hi Colin/Ruth, really like your blog guys. I wanted to ask your advice about something – do you think it would be possible to make up a largish print of the image of London from space if I contacted the agency to buy the image in electronic form? I thought you might know a bit aout how to go about that given your interest in Astronomy. All the best for your wedding next year btw Best wishes, Guy

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