Bubbledogs – Champagne and Hot Dogs

Posted by Ruth

Where: Charlotte Street, W1T
Cost: Hot Dogs approx £7
Website: http://www.bubbledogs.co.uk
Twitter: @bubbledogsuk

I like hot dogs, and I like champagne (a lot). So when a friend suggested a pre-Christmas get together at Bubbledogs, a restaurant serving just that, I was instantly sold.

As you can only reserve a table for 6 people or more, we expected a small queue on arrival. However, having arrived at 6pm to find we were just second in the queue, we did not expect to wait for an hour.

After finally getting into the warm our expectations were high. The excellent champagne absolutely hit the mark. Unfortunately, the food was very mixed. I had the Buffalo Dog (served with spicy sauce, blue cheese and pickled celery), along with sides of potato tots and coleslaw.

While the toppings were delicious the actual hot dog and bun were quite low quality. This was disappointing given that the prices are not cheap (our bill came to £40 pp for hotdogs, sides and 2 glasses of champagne). Conversely the coleslaw was the best I’ve ever eaten, with a perfect balance of creaminess, crunch and zing.

The decor – with high tables, stools and exposed bricks – accompanies the food well and helps to create an NYC atmosphere. The toilets, adjourned with vintage menus from classic establishments such as the Fat Duck and Le Gavroche are a nice touch.

I have mixed feelings about bubbledogs. On the one hand the food is tasty, the champagne delicious, and the atmosphere is fun. However, the prices are a little steep for the quality on offer and the queues are prohibitive. Overall, I’m not sure I would visit again. It feels a little like style over substance, and I wonder how long the hype and crowds will last.