Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

Where: Spitalfields Market
When: 07/01/12
Website: http://www.vintagefair.co.uk

We went along to Judy’s at Spitalfields on Saturday to try and pick up some vintage bargains for our new flat. The majority of stalls were for clothing and jewellery, and if that’s what you’re going for you’re in for a treat. Lots of unusual things at cheap prices. It was a bit limited for what we were looking for – most things we saw were 60s/70s, and the market was smaller than we expected, but it’s still absolutely worth a look. We ended up leaving with two 1960s Vogue prints of Donna Mitchell by photographer Jean-Loup Sieff (see below). The shops around the market are also really interesting – full of old furniture, melting clocks and globes.

Verdict: Perfect for those looking for vintage clothing bargains. Rest of Spitalfields a great place to pick up a bite to eat and/or grab a coffee. Pop down there for an hour.