Great coffee with an awesome view

Posted by Colin

Where: 2 Love Tea and Coffee House, Albert Embankment near Lambeth Bridge

It is hard to say exactly when I fell in love with London but it was certainly long before I lived here. Growing up near Heathrow airport, the Big Smoke was an obvious choice for my parents when it came to finding stuff to do over school holidays.

My Dad used to be a policeman in London and would regail us with its secrets. For me nothing could beat standing in Trafalgar Square seeing all the wonderful buildings around me. It was during these visits that I also fell in love with Big Ben and whenever I see the clock (yes I know its really the bell!) I still get excited.

I was reminded of these trips when we took a stroll along the Albert Embankment last Sunday. The Houses of Parliament looked resplendant against the crisp, cloudless winter sky and with the low sun casting its orange light on the Palace of Westminster. On this walk we came across 2 Love Tea and Coffee House – a caravan style hot drinks bar with an impressive selection of coffee and loose leaf teas.

Being such a cold day we grabbed ourselves some coffee and took advantage of the riverside seating. Can there be a better view from a coffee place in London? If you think there is, let us know!


The coffee was absolutely delicious – so much better than you get in the all conquering coffee chains. It was also obvious that the barrista knew exactly what he was doing.

The view is spectacular and being a little further upstream than Westminster itself ensured relative peace and quiet away from mega tourist country.

A lovely place to chill out, read a book or meet a friend for a chat.


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