Solved: The Mystery of Satin Park and the Ginger Cat

Posted by Colin

There has been a lot of interest in a post we put up a few weeks back about Satin the Ginger Cat. Curious to find out who this famous feline was I have been trying to find out the story behind this little green area on Old Street in Islington.

I found some success with the kind people at the Wenlake Estate of which Satin Park is part. The official name of Satin Park is actually Anchor Yard, once home to the Anchor Tavern – an 18th century drinking den. However, the pub was demolished in the 19th century and a small area of grassland now sits where the beer once flowed.

Satin was a cat that had seemingly been abandoned and liked to spend her days in and out of the bushes of Anchor Yard and became somewhat of a local celebrity amongst the residents of the estate. Tragically, however, one day a dog from another estate was being walked through the area and attacked Satin causing fatal injuries. The residents were very upset and got together to mark the Queen of Anchor Yard.

So the mystery of Satin the Ginger Cat turns out to be a sad tale but one that can now be told. Googling Satin the Ginger Cat or even Satin Park returns very little information, save for a few Flickr photos of the plaque above. Hopefully now more people will know the story of this little enclave of EC1 that has captivated me ever since I discovered it almost three weeks ago.


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