There is more than one St. Paul’s Cathedral in London…

Posted by Colin

Wren’s domed spire of St. Paul’s is one of the most iconic features of the London skyline. City suits and trapsing tourists buzz around the cathedral that saw the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana as well as Winston Churchill’s funeral.

Yet how many realise that there is actually a second St. Paul’s Cathedral in the middle of the Thames further upstream? Granted this second version is much smaller, so small it can be held aloft by a two tonne woman.

This diminutive copy of St. Paul’s can be seen on Vauxhall Bridge, which boasts eight impressive bronze statues installed in 1907 and dedicated to the arts and sciences. Around halfway along the upstream side (left hand side if crossing from Vauxhall) you’ll find the maiden dedicated to architecture. In her hands she holds a copy of the famous Cathedral.

Those crossing the bridge by car would never see the statues or St. Paul’s – they are best viewed from the river itself. However, if you are willing to peer over the edge, pedestrians can easily spot both.

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