Look Mum No Hands

Where: 49 Old Street, EC1V
When: 04/11/12
Website: www.lookmumnohands.com
Twitter: @1ookmumnohands

It seems cycling’s star has never burned so brightly; a British man has finally won the Tour de France, Team GB smashed almost allcomers in the Olympic velodrome and Boris bikes are now a fixture on the streets of the capital. As 2012 has seemingly been the year of the bike, we decided to have some Sunday lunch at Look Mum No Hands – a cycling themed cafe on old Street.

Decked out from floor to ceiling in cycling clobber and bicycle bits, the cafe even has bikes hanging in the window. For the serious cycling enthusiast you can also buy equipment and get your bike fixed in their on-site workshop. Others were there for the free wi-fi with a smattering of Macbooks dotted about the place. There is also a small collection of books and magazines to peruse.

Having over-indulged in Champagne the night before at a friend’s wedding, we were in need of some comfort food. On that level, Look Mum No Hands definitely delivers. The lunchtime menu offers an array of home-made pies, croquettes and soups, along with daily specials.

We went for the steak and cheese pie, and beef and chorizo croquette. The pie was the winner, with crisp pastry and gooey cheese – though it could have done with more steak in the filling. The croquette, while tasty, had no discernable chorizo and the overriding flavour was just of the potato. Both meals were served with a refreshing salad of lettuce leaves, seasonal vegetables and pasta. The coffee was rich and strong, just the ticket for a Sunday hangover.


Definitely worth popping in if you are hungry and in the area, but maybe don’t go out of your way to pay a visit. The food was fresh and the team behind the cafe take pride in sourcing as many of their ingredients locally as they can. The breakfast menu looked very tasty, although we arrived too late in the day to sample it. At £8.50 for a pie and salad, the price is probably right on the cusp of what is reasonable. But, with people queuing to get a table, it is certainly a popular place.


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