Bratwurst Gourmet Sausages

Where: 35 Berwick Street, Soho, W1F
When: 29/10/12

On Monday some friends and I spent most of the day in Yumchaa Tea Shop in Soho putting the finishing touches to a book plan. At lunchtime, we popped down the road to have lunch at Bratwurst – an American style diner serving Gourmet German sausages.

Not quite in the mood for sausages, I went for the schnitzel and chips instead (menu). Served up in a cast iron pot on a wooden base, I liked the feel of the place and the way the food was served. We could sit on high stools and watch the lunchtime throngs march through the streets of Soho.

However, the schnitzel itself was pretty average. The chicken wasn’t as moist as it could be and it lacked the morishness of a schnitzel I recently had from Maltby Street market. The place was busy though and so it is obviously popular – maybe I made a mistake in not going for the house speciality. If you’ve been, let me know what the sausages are like!

The Bratwurst website has a short promo video showing you the food and layout of the place.


Whilst the schnitzel filled a space, I have had better in London. But it is a cool idea and the popularity of the place suggests that the sausages might be the way to go. Not adverse to the idea of a return trip.


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