Yumchaa Tea Shop

Where: 45 Berwick street, Soho, W1F
When: 29/10/12
Website: www.yumchaa.com

A planning meeting for a book some friends and I have been commissioned to write took us to Yumchaa in Soho for a day of brainstorming. Very much in keeping with modern trends, this lovely little café has sanded floorboards, exposed brickwork and its fair share of vintage looking paraphernalia. It does, however, strike the right balance and manages to stay on the right side of the overly hipster line. Throw in free wi-fi, great coffee and delicious baked treats and you have a winning combination. I can heartily recommend the supremely tasty white chocolate and raspberry muffin, whilst others partook in the fruit breads and were equally impressed.

If you are looking for a quiet place to work then upstairs can get a little busy in the afternoon as waves of workers seeking refuge from their desks descend on Yumchaa. It also attracts its fair share of trendy Soho types looking to sample their large and varied range of teas, bags of which are available to take away (you can also purchase them from the stalls they have at some of London’s biggest markets). For more tranquillity, head downstairs and sit back in one of the armchairs.


A great find in the hectic, bohemian part of town. Will definitely be going back with my laptop when I need strong coffee and delicious cake to fight through an episode of writer’s block. The only down side was the small problem they have with little fruit flies. Seems to be a bigger problem upstairs than downstairs though.


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